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What's New (2011/08/15)

Program Updates

  1. Pre-Screening RUG test for pressure ulcers has been edited to use a different trigger.
    • M0210 instead of items M0300 A-G will now determine the presence of pressure ulcers. The edit will now state: pressure ulcers stage 1 or higher are present... is proper supporting documentation in the chart?
    • M1030 remains a separate edit since it is different from pressure ulcers and tracks presence of venous or arterial ulcers.

  2. Pre-Screening consistency edit for balance and gait has changed to read "If balance during transitions and walking impaired (G0300 A-E is 1 or 2 - not steady), Then walking in room/corridor/on/off unit should probably require assistance (G0110 C1, D1, E1 and F1 cannot = 0 - independent)."

  3. Pre-Screening consistency edit for ulcers has been corrected by removing MDS item (M0150) "risk of ulcer" from triggering "no ulcer care" (M1200E=0) since it is an inappropriate trigger.

  4. Updated and clarified directions in e-mail notification for Significant Change Assessment(s).

  5. Manually coded columns on the CMS 672 and 802 reports are now shaded red.