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What's New (2011/11/03)

Auditing Menu

  1. Hospital Readmissions: This report displays all residents admitted from an acute hospital that were discharged back to the hospital within 30 days during a selected date range. The selected time frame defaults to 30 days but can be manually edited. The date range defaults to the last 30 days but can be edited to any prior date range. The report header identifies the number of residents that have been admitted from an acute hospital and returned to an acute hospital within the first 30 days. The percentage rate for hospital readmission is also prominently displayed in the header. The columns with arrows can be sorted ascending to descending or vice versa. The ?Entries? link will display the list of resident names that were readmitted within 30 days.

    Benefits/Recommendations for use: A high hospital readmission rate may indicate gaps in the facilities ability to provide certain level of care or poor hospital discharge planning. Either scenario requires attention especially with new penalties for hospitals. According to experts these return trips cost the nation more than $4 billion a year and leaving many patients in worse condition. Not all returns can be avoided, but as many as half could be prevented.

  2. Hospital Readmission Rate

  3. Hospital Readmissions Corporate/Group View: This report displays all data for each facility within a region or group of facilities. The report identifies the number of residents admitted from a hospital for a selected date range (and by month), also includes the number of those admissions that returned to the hospital within 30 days of admission and displays the Hospital readmission rate percentage. Drilling down on a facility link will display the detail data for that facility.

    Hospital Readmission Facility Summary

  4. Hospital Readmissions Monthly Progress: This report displays the readmission rate by month for a historical view of the past year.

    Hospital Readmission Monthly Progress