ATTENTION: This is a friendly reminder that the date for the complete retirement of Pro-Tracking is coming up on January 1st, 2020. Please take the remaining time to obtain any reports you may require as you will not be able to access Pro-Tracking once retirement is complete.

For more information, please see our "Frequently Asked Questions" and "What does this mean for your team?".

Why Use Pro-Tracking:
As regulations in nursing home facilities continue to become increasingly complicated and stringent, many administrators are finding the time and monetary strain to remain in compliance practically overwhelming. Pro-Tracking is dedicated in offering our customers the assistance they need to relieve the strain of today... and of the future, as well. Our MDS-based tools will translate your MDS assessment data into reports and charts offering a clear picture of your facility's clinical, financial, and regulatory performance. You can easily integrate our tools into your current quality-improvement practices. Healthcare providers know it's important to keep pace with the ever-changing clinical and regulatory environment. That is why we continuously review and revise our tools to reflect changes in the healthcare industry. These tools allow you to make swift, informed decisions with confidence. This system has been developed to help nursing facilities remain in compliance with CMS, to bridge the gap between the corporate office and the individual nursing home, to assist nursing home Pharmacists, and to improve the overall quality of care in nursing home facilities.

We are the most cost-efficient provider on the market:
We provide premium services, at a lower cost than any other provider on the market today! We are one of the largest liaison services in the nation, and offer more versatile and exhaustive reports than any other service.

Real Time QM/QI:
Performance Measurement offers QM/QI reports similar to those provided by the CMS system, but the time frame represented is "Real Time" - meaning that your reports are updated soon after transmission. Here are some of the QM/QI Tools we offer:

  • QM/QI Calculation Descriptions
  • Facility QM/QI Profile
  • QM/QI Summary Report
  • Monthly QM/QI Progress Report
  • Vaccination Quality Measures Reports (Section W)
  • A Monthly Progress Report giving QM/QI percentages and numbers for a 12-month period
  • QM/QI 802 Report
  • Custom Peer Grouping Controls
  • Quality Measures Reports (QMs)

For MDS 3.0 related assessments, we offer these reports:

  • Quality reports for:
    • Create your own MDS data element report
    • Pain
    • Cognitive and Depression Interview
    • Custom MDS Reports Creator
    • Custom MDS Reports
    • Skin Conditions (Beta)
    • Consultant Pharmacist Information
    • At Risk Summary
    • Behaviors (Beta)
    • Dietary Profile (Beta)
    • Nutritional Risks (Beta)
  • Reimbursement reports for:
    • Projected estimate of PPS or Medicaid RUG Revenue per day
    • CMI and ADL monthly graphs with details
    • PPS Case Mix - Facility level
    • Restorative Report
    • Calculated Medicare RUG Scores
  • Demographics:
    • Average Length of Stay
    • Characteristics Report (Beta)
    • Resident Information
  • Auditing reports for:
    • MDS Pre-Screening
    • Speech Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Section I Diagnoses: Resident List
    • Section I Diagnoses: Resident List - Infection
    • Section I Diagnoses: Facility Summary
    • Section I Diagnoses: Fac Sum with Gender and Age
  • Compliance reports for:
    • MDS Due Roster
    • Reentry Exceptions
    • Discharge Tracking
    • MDS Submission Compliance
    • Significant Change Assessment List
  • Survey:
    • CMS 802P Report (from MDS)
    • CMS 672 Report (from MDS)
  • QIS Survey:
    • QIS Survey Worksheet Links
    • QIS Survey Resource Links
    • Resident Census
    • New Admission Information
    • PASRR II screening
    • Critical Element Pathways
  • Utilities reports for:
    • Batch Upload Report
    • Resident List   
    • RUG Rate Entry: Master File for Revenue Reports
    • Update Bed Master
    • Uploads by Day
    • File Upload
    • MDS 3.0 Items
    • MDS 2.0 Items
    • Resident Report Exclusions
    • Override PPS Stay End Date

For MDS 2.0 related assessments, we continue to offer these reports:

  • MDS Pre-screening
  • Create your own MDS data element report
  • MDS Due Roster
  • Sig. change and ANY data element change report
  • RUG Group Totals
  • Projected estimate of PPS RUG Revenue per day
  • CMI and ADL monthly graphs with details
  • Medicare Therapies Report
  • Facility Characteristics
  • Facility Census Report
  • Break-down of such considerations as gender, age grouping, payment type and mental status of residents in a facility
  • Disease Management Reports
  • Part B therapy screen
  • Interdisciplinary Team Reports
  • Medication Regimen Review (MMR) interactive for follow-up
  • 802P and 802S Reports for Survey
  • Batch Status Report
  • Status of the residents in a facility broken down by Quality Initiative and the comparison of that facility with its peer-group

Dedication: Pro-Tracking is dedicated to improving quality care in nursing facilities. If you have any questions or would like to join our growing family and see how we can improve the level of care in your nursing facility, contact us today!

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